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We are the largest independently owned and operated alarm service provider in South Florida.  We have been serving the South Florida market since 1974 with our own UL-Approved Central Station.  Our employees and owners all work and live locally and are actively involved in our communities.

Because we are local we have a direct knowledge of the challenges facing South Florida.  Your communities are not just names to u,s but places we are intimately familiar with.

We know the local law enforcement agencies and emergency responders in your area allowing us to provide a high level of service.  

Alarm Partners is dedicated to providing you with solutions that will benefit your home or business.

One of the many benefits of dealing with a local company is that if you ever have a problem, you not only have access to the company’s management but to the owners of the company if you can’t get your problems resolved.

When considering an alarm company look at the advantages of doing business with a local company who has a long history of providing service. 

Consider partnering with Alarm Partners for your security.

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