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Card Access Systems

These keyless entry systems can allow you to track when employees go in and out of the building and restrict access to certain areas of your company. You decide who, when and where, and we’ll do the rest.

And you no longer have to rekey all your locks when an employee loses their key or is no longer with the company … you’ll be able to just disable his or personal access card.

Single or multi-door systems provide maximum control utilizing proximixity cards, biometric data or key fobs. Optional software provides event reporting either by email, or you can receive updates to your smartphone or internet-enabled device.

Remote Card Access Management From Alarm Partners

If you are concerned about the management of your card access system, Alarm Partners offers a unique Remote Card Access Management option where we host all the main software, we create and issue your cards, make all changes required, keep the software updated and relieve you of alot of the headachees of local administration, training and re-training. This approach can considerably reduce your upfront cost and eliminate the administrative functions. Be sure to ask your Alarm Partners Consultant to explain this service and see if its right for you. This

Product Features


  • Multiple Devices to Control Entry
    We support a wide variety of devices from access cards, key fobs, coded keypads, finger print scanners and retinal scanners.
  • Time Zones
    You can limit employee’s access by time zones, set up schedules for each cardholder as to when they can have access to any given area.
  • Employee Tracking & Reporting
    The system keeps track of all usage of the access cards.  In the event of a problem, you an go back and track who was in the building, when they were there, and what areas they accessed.  You can even use the system reports for payroll verification.
  • Remote Management
    Eliminate unnecessary overhead expenses and have our Central Station handle all the administrative functions of your system.  This means you won’t have to keep expensive computers, update software, etc.   We will do it all for you and still give you all the features and services you need.

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