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Video Verification

The difference between Video Verification and Remote Video is that Video Verification is captured video …or real-time video, where the recording is aligned directed to an event.

This helps the Central Station to immediately determine the protocol necessary.

With Video Verification, cameras are linked to specific detection devices so that when an alarm is received, the Central Station will also receive video for 10 seconds before and after the alarm directly from the area where the alarm occurred.

In addition, the Central Station can go live and access the camera that sent the alarm —  or any other cameras on the property, and determine whether the alarm or real or false.

What’s the Difference in Emergency Response

  • A verified alarm will cause the police to respond with the highest priority in the fastest time.
  • A non-verified alarm will cause police to give the event a low priority which means a slower response.

This is becoming more important as police resources are stretched thin.

To help this problem the police have done two  things:

  • They have lowered the response on non-verified alarms
  • They have instituted false alarm charges to help recover their cost and hold down false alarms.

Each municipality is different but in many cases fines can escalate to as high as $1,000 and at some point, the police can just refuse to respond.

Video Verification is a low-cost solution to this problem and one that has proven very effective.  Please be sure to have your Alarm Partners representative show you how this can work for you and provide a no obligation quote for this service.

Product Features

  • Reduce False Alarms and Save on Costly Fines
    Let our Central Station filter out false alarms and stop them by not dispatching unnecessarily.
  • Improve Police Response Times
    Improve the police response time by giving the verified real alarms.

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