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Asset Protection Devices

Asset protection is a focused security solution designed to protect Asset Protection Device FLspecific, tangible assets.

Usually these assets are things that people consider valuable, have a high probability of theft or should not be tampered with.

.Just place the sensor directly on the item, and if the item is moved or disturbed, the sensor will trigger an alarm.

Great protection for paintings, jewelry , coin collections, cash boxes or family heirlooms.

Product Features

  • Notification and Emergency Response
    • Include the device with your security solution and receive immediate notification of any alarm triggers.
  • Multiple Trigger Modes
    • Custom modification to define the number of seconds or distance the item is moved, if the item is tilted or lifted up, or if there is an attempt made to move or lift the sensor itself.
  • Built-in Anti-Tampering Technology
    • Reduces the ability for the device to become disarmed.
  • Small Size
    • The device is small and discreet, and uses adhesive tape for installation

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