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Alarm Partners has been in business since 1974 and is an independently-owned, full-service alarm company serving residential, commercial and HOA customers in the South Florida market The two owners — Charles May and Robert Leone, have more than 90 years combined experience in the alarm industry.

The company owns  and operates its own UL-approved, 5-Diamond Certified CSAA Alarm Partners Home Security CompanyCentral Station housed in the company-owned headquarters in Delray Beach.  Owning and operating our own Central Station allows us complete control over the service we provide our customers.  Our software is technically advanced and allows us to work with you to perform whatever services you my require, in a way that ensures the required actions are always taken.  The station offers such advanced features as smart control alarm view and control, alarm action patters, automatic voice recording on all calls, video verification, unattended report generation, customer access and  variety of other features.  In addition, the Central Station is fully redundant in all items and has a UPS system and backup generators that handle any power failures to ensure no interruption of service.

Home Alarm Company FLAlarm Partners also utilizes its own technicians for all installation and service work.  These technicians are in GPS-monitored vehicles and employ an in-field service system that allows them to do everything on the call electronically.  The tablet application is connected to our dispatch center as well as our Central Station.  All call details are electronically communicated to the technician  The technician not only has your specific call information on the device, but access to all parts and equipment previously installed on site, as well as the service history and notes.

Since its inception, Alarm Partners has invested heavily in technology to ensure that we deliver the highest level of service possible.

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and most service calls are handled within 24 hours.  Our reputation with our customers and the alarm community is excellent.  We are the largest and oldest independent alarm company in South Florida continuously operating our own Central Station.  While many of our local competitors have moved their monitoring operations our of state, or even out of the country, we continue to live, work and focus only on the needs of South Floridians.

We don’t guarantee that there will never be a problem, but we do guarantee that we will solve any problems promptly — and to your satisfaction.  In addition, the manager that oversee the various departments and the owners — Charles May and Bob Leone, are always available to help you resolve any issue that you may have.

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