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The right type of smoke detector could very well save your life!

Older smoke detectors use the ionization technology which is slower to detect smoldering fires.  If your smoke detectors are more than ten years old, it’s time to upgrade them.

Fire & Smoke Detectors

Product Features

  • Detection Method
    • Photoelectric sensors detect smoldering fires/smoke while heat detectors will detect fast flames. Alarm Partners recommends a dual-tech for the ultimate protection.
  • Monitoring Ability
    • Some detectors will just trigger the siren in the event of smoke/fire. If you want your fire and smoke detectors to be monitored with your security system, you’ll need this feature.
  • Drift Compensation
    • Alleviates dust build-up by automatically adjusting the detector’s sensitivity. Test/Alarm Silence Button: This allows you to test the alarm silence the siren should it go off.
  • Test/Alarm Silence Button
    • This allows you to test the alarm silence the siren should it go off.

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