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Environmental Monitoring

Equipment storage and especially server or computer operations room require a stable environment to ensure continued operation, protection and use. Alarm Partners can help you avoid a disaster by reviewing your operations and installing temperature and flood protection sensors in your facility.  Any process you have can be monitored.

Environmental Monitoring

There are 6 conditions that cause the greatest concern:

  • Power
  • Humidity
  • Flood
  • Smoke
  • Air Flow
  • Room Entry

Alarm Partners can provide sensors to address these conditions individually, or as whole. And in the event there are any issues, you can receive immediate notification to your smartphone or any internet-enabled device immediately and avoid costly repairs or loss of business.

Product Features

  • Prevent Critical Systems Going Offline
    Monitor your power systems to assure that any anomalies can be addressed and resolved quickly
  • Provide Early Detection
    Whether you suffer the effects of a storm or mechanical malfunction, having critical systems monitored will provide early detection and allow you to take actions before its too late.
  • Ensure the Safety of Your Employees and Customers
    Exposure to high levels of natural gas or carbon monoxide can be dangerous … even fatal.  Maximize the safety of your facility by detecting these odorless gasses before they reach dangerous levels.

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