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We’ve assembled a list of the most commonly asked questions for you.  If you have a question that is not addressed here, or just want further clarification just Contact Us and we’ll do our best to provide you the information you’re looking for.  If your question is general enough, we will update the web page with your question.

The Basics

Absolutely!  Alarm Partners can work with almost any type of equipment – and we’ll be happy to do an evaluation on your equipment, free of charge.

Unlike many other companies, if you install a system with Alarm Partners, the equipment is yours.

Our technicians are FASA/BASA-Certified and employees of the company – not contractors.  The length of time to install a system depends on the complexity of components, but we can usually put a standard system in within four hours.

Depending on the type of lines in your area, we can sometimes get the alarm to work with a Vonage system.  Majik Jack is not an actually line, so that is not usable.   If you don’t have a standard land line, there are options for you.

You can use your cell phone to be contacted should there be some sort of alarm event, but you cannot use your cell phone as a transmission source for the alarm itself.

Yes.  You can use your cell phone to arm or disarm your system, as well control your thermostat, locks, lights, etc.    For a full list of available options, please click here.

‘Home security’ doesn’t  mean that it’s only for single-family homes – your safety and property is still very important.    You can have a system installed in any manufactured home, apartment, condo or single family home.

Absolutely!  We can provide you special motion sensors/detectors that can be programmed to account for the movement of a pet.  They’re typically determined by the weight of the animal.

Yes.  The discount varies by insurance carrier, but it’s typically 10-20%

No — you can install a device often called a ‘radio’ that will transmit the alarm signals from your system to our Central Station.


That depends on the type of system you have installed.   If your system is communicating through WiFi and your internet goes out, your alarm system will not send signals to the Central Station.  It would still work locally – meaning that the siren would go off, but there would be no monitoring.

There are four ways for your alarm system to transmit signals to our central station:

  1. Traditional Phone Line (Land Line)
  2. Cellular Radio
  3. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – Like Comcast or Brighthouse
  4. Internet/WiFi

We recommend you test annually and immediately after you’ve had any sort of power outage or disruption.

At Alarm Partners, if you purchase equipment, you own it – it isn’t leased.  So if you move, you could take it with you, but typically an alarm system will enhance the value of your home so you may want to consider leaving it.  Alarm Partners can install a system at your new home, or if there is already a system there, can take over the monitoring for you.

Hopefully you never need this, but in the event that an intruder has entered your home, and your alarm is going off, when the dispatch operator calls to verify if you’re okay, this is a special code that means “send help immediately.”

Absolutely.  Your alarm system will have armed systems called ‘Stay’ and ‘Away’.  Use the ‘Stay’ feature if you’re going to be in the home and moving around.  Use ‘Away’ when you’re leaving the premises.

If your alarm goes off, your siren will sound and your control panel/communicator will simultaneously transmit a signal to our Central Station.  The Dispatch Operator will contact you to verify the event and dispatch assistance as you require.

Your keypad can typically store multiple keycodes which you can program and assign as you need.  Log in to AP Online if you need a manual for your specific system.

This service is typically called Open/Close Reporting and is available depending on your alarm system.  If you’d like to add this service, you can contact our service department.

Billing & Customer Support

Yes.  The discount varies by insurance carrier but it’s typically 10-20%.

Several counties and municipalities within South Florida require that you have and maintain a permit with them for your alarm system.  This is so that they can respond more quickly should there be an alarm event.  Below is a list of the Counties and Cities that require them, with links to download the form.  Once you receive your permit, contact our Central Station and provide the permit number.

Yard signs and alarm decals are an important deterrent to criminal activity.  It’s important that yours are prominently placed to be the most effective.  Log in to AP Online (link) and request them as needed.

Alarm Partners has a fleet of installation and service technicians on hand to serve you.  Our Service Department is open from 8:30 AM t 5:00 PM Monday –Friday.  You can log into AP Online (link) and request service as well.  Emails will be acknowledged and responded to the next business day.

Alarm Partners requires that all cancellations be accomplished in writing.  You may log in to AP Online and use the Cancellation Form, or you can send a fax to 561-819-1019.  Include the property address, the effective date, reason for cancellation and a method for us to get back in touch with you.

Any equipment  you purchased is yours to do with as you choose. Many homeowners find it a selling feature to have an alarm system so they typically leave it in place.  And we can install a new system in your new home, or just take over the monitoring if there already is one.

You can manage your account, including paying your bill online, through your AP Online access.

You can contact our office toll-free (800-330-5056) Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, or you may Contact Us.

You can contact our office toll-free (800-330-5056) Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM and we’ll be happy to set this up for you.

You can download a copy of your copy of your User Manual through our Support Page or you can contact Technical Support toll-free (800+330-5056) Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM and we’ll walk you through it.

Contact our Data Entry department toll-free (800-330-5056) Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM and we’ll have happy to update the information.

Equipment & Technology

Smoke, CO2, water/flood detectors can all be hooked up to your alarm system depending on your system type.

If for whatever reason, one of your contacts falls off or is severed, contact our Service Department.

Yes.  This is very important for two reasons.  If you decided to get rid of your landline for example, you’ll need an alternate method for your control panel to communicate with our Central Station.  Additionally, the control panel needs to know the number that you’re associating with the system.

Yes.  You can add motion detectors or cameras to your existing equipment.

Yes.  Alarm Partners has a host of interactive services available which will allow to see the cameras on your electronic device.  You can also zoom or refocus them.

This service is typically called Open/Close Reporting and is available depending on your alarm system.  If you’d like to add this service, you can contact our service department.

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