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Burglary Prevention SystemsBurglary Prevention Systems

Alarm Partners has installed tens of thousands of security systems and components in South Florida and we have what it takes to help you secure your home.

We feature systems by Honeywell, the world’s largest manufacturer of security systems.

Not only can you get peace of mind knowing your family and valuables are safe and secure, but you may be entitled to as much as a 25% discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

Burglary Prevention Tips


  • Consider an intrusion alarm to alert you (and authorities) if someone enters you’re home when you’re away.
  • If you have an alarm, use it even when you’re at home.
  • Always make sure your car, doors and windows are locked before you leave or retire for the evening
  • Get to know your neighbors and be alert – alert your neighbors if you see something suspicious.
  • Secure your patio doors with a wooden dowel or other device in the door track so they’re less vulnerable.
  • Don’t publicize vacations and away times on Social Media.
  • Prune bushes and keep overgrowth around your home to a minimum.  You don’t to give burglars a place to hide.
  • Make sure your alarm system, if you have one, is fully-functional.   And if you don’t have one, they’re more affordable than you think.