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Closed Circuit TV SystemsClosed Circuit TV Systems

Your business is important to you.  Helping you to protect it is important to us.

Allow our professional team to help you identify risks and provide you solutions.  CCTV/Video lets you keep an eye on your employees and customers and plays a crucial role in the daily running of a business.

And, you can keep an eye on things even when you’re there with your smartphone or any internet-enabled device.

Product Features

  • Improve your operating efficiency
    Use your recordings to uncover and identify operational inefficiencies and take measures to correct them
  • Video record of events
    Set up automatic scheduled events – open/closes at a certain door, opening a cash register or accessing a restricted room.
  • Get real time alerts
    Receive notification to your smartphone or internet-enabled device or events that require immediate notification and response – like a safe being opened.
  • Remote viewing
    Look in on your camera with live feeds from any smartphone or internet-enabled device.

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Keep an eye on your employees and your assets remotely on your smartphone or internet-enabled device.
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