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Glass Break SensorsGlass Break Sensor Security System, FL

The ‘ears’ of your security system – detects the unique sound frequency of breaking glass to provide ultimate home protection.

One simple detector can cover a large number of windows.

Product Features

  • Home Decor Friendly
    • Sensors are installed near windows — not on them, so your home will still look great and since they’re wireless, they are virtually undefeatable
  • Intelligent Detection
    • Senses the sound of variety of glass (tampered, wired, laminate, ordinary plate, etc.) 
  • Low Maintenance
    • Uses lithium batteries with a ten-year life — readily available and easily replaceable
  • Dual-Tech Sensors Available
    • To reduce false alarms, install a dual-tech sensor that will only sound the alarm if it senses the sound/frequency of breaking glass plus the shock being applied to the glass at the same time.

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