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Make Your Business ‘Smart’

Technology is advancing every day, and now you can be a part of the next generation in security solutions for your business.  Advanced functionality allows to control all aspects of your systems from the convenience of your smartphone or internet-enabled device.

Know who’s coming and going, turn on your lights, lock your doors — all with a simple swipe of your finger.

Smart Control

You’ll be in complete control of your business through your smartphone or any internet-enabled device with one of Alarm Partner’s Smart Control Panels.

With full integration capabilities, you can control your lights, locks, see when your employees are coming and going, arm or disarm your system … even do a video look in to make sure they’re okay when you’re away.

Available in several designs and colors so they’ll integrate with your workspace design.

Arm & Disarm Your System

armed_disarmed-1019x900When you get that phone call from your cashier that says — ‘sorry boss — I forgot to set the alarm’  you’ll never again have to get in your car and go back to your business to make sure it’s secure.

Or just want to check and make sure that your alarm is on?

With Remote Arm & Disarm functionality, you can turn your security system on or off from your smartphone or internet-enabled device.

Take the worry away — add Remote Arm capability to your service right away.

Receive Event Notifications

The comfort of knowing what’s going on in your business at all times — even when you’re halfway around the world on a business trip.

Receive real-time alerts to your smartphone or any internet-enabled device no matter where you are, and no matter what time of day it is.

See who’s coming and going, and what time they’re doing it.  Make sure that your business opened on time.

Set schedules so that your lights come on automatically and receive alerts everytime your system is armed or disarmed.

Video Doorbell

Skybell® is a high-definition video doorbell that lets you enjoy new levels of security, control and convenience wherever you are in the world.  All through your smartphone or internet-enabled device.

With 2-way voice, you can converse with visitors at your door in real time.  The system also features a motion sensor that will alert you whenever someone is at your front door — whether or not they press the button.

Plus, it provides full-color night vision, so you can feel safe knowing who is at your door at all times.  And it will fully integrate with any access control products you may have or be interested in.

Turn Your Lights On or Off

Add Lighting Control to your automation services and your employees will never have to come into a dark workplace.

You can turn on some or all of your lights –indoor or outdoor … when you want to.

Or set up a scheduled event and have it done automatically for you — all with just the swipe of your finger on any smartphone or internet-enabled device.

Lock & Unlock Your Doors

No more digging for your keys in your bag or pocket on a dark, stormy night.

No more having to bring a locksmith in if one of your employees left suddenly.

Lock Control will allow you to lock and unlock your doors — from anywhere, with a swipe on your smartphone or internet-enabled device.

And you can change codes easily, so that if you are compromised, you’re in control of the solution.

Video Camera Look In

With Video Look In, you can view live, real-time feeds from up to six cameras to your smartphone or internet-enabled device.

Get true ‘peace of mind’ being able to assure that your employees are safe and that they’re being productive.

You can even receive 10-second clips based on event conditions that you set — when a door is opened, when the system is armed or disarmed and even when restricted areas of your building are accessed

Control Your Thermostats

Basic heating and cooling costs account for a large portion of your monthly operating expenses.

Smart Thermostat controls will provide you control over the temperature and environment — saving you more on your energy bills.

Total Connect® User Guide

Are you considering business automation with Total Connect or are you already an Alarm Partners customer ?

Download the Total Connect User Guide — see how easy it is to configure your system and find answers to any questions you may have.

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