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KeyfobsWireless keychain Remote (keyfob)

The wireless keychain remote (keyfob) can not only add another layer of protection to your security system, but make your entire system more convenient to use.

Most models feature 4 programmable buttons, which can be doubled to 8, using a double-button operation.

Not only can your keyfob allow you to arm and disarm your system from outside your home, but you’ll also have a panic button, and you connect turn on your lights using the SmartHome technology.

Product Features

  • Entry/Exit Process is Much Faster
    • You can arm/disarm your system as you enter or leave the house
  • Reduce False Alarms
    • No more fumbling or trying to enter codes if late at night — a simple push of a button will allow you entry
  • High-Security (Encryption) Modes
    • Added protection against cyber attacks
  • Low Maintenance and Long Wearing
    • Batteries are easily replaceable, long-life lithium

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